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Uniform Requirements

Given that we respect the uniqueness and individuality of children and we have committed ourselves to their growth in personal responsibility and self-discipline, the following is expected in respect of school uniform and general grooming.


Students are expected to be neatly and tidily dressed and well groomed, this includes care of such things as shoes (cleaned and polished), finger nails, hair combed or brushed and kept at such a length to ensure tidiness. When travelling to and from school and at school, children are required to wear the correct day uniform.

Students are expected to wear the school’s formal and sports uniform with pride – they are symbolic of the Plain View Combined School and signify pride in our school, respect for self, and respect for others. The uniform has been chosen by the school community to be practical, attractive and enhance the dignity of each student. Importantly, the correct wearing of the school uniform is a sign that a student is a member of the Plain View Combined School community.

Uniform Days
The school formal uniform is worn every day except for designated days on which lessons are held for Physical Education (PE) or other specified outdoor subjects and on days designated as casual dress days. On PE and sports days, the sports uniform is worn.

The School Uniform is to be worn at all times and a note is required if a student is temporarily unable to wear any part of the uniform.  Parents will be advised at the beginning of each school year as to which day(s) your child is to wear their sports uniform.

Girl in Uniform

Girl in Uniform

Boy in Uniform

Boy in Uniform


Hawks – Blue


Falcons – Red


Eagles – Yellow

Amazona - Green

Amazona – Green


Hairstyles should comply with standards of neatness, practicality and safety.  Hair is to be worn at an appropriate length. Hair extremes in style, cut or colour are not permitted. Hair which extends below the collar, or which affects a child’s participation in school activities, should be secured with school coloured ribbons, scrunches or tie-backs (maroon and or white).

  • Hairstyles that vary in length are not permitted. Therefore undercuts, tracks, rat’s tails, are not permitted. Other similar cuts/styles require the approval of the principal at time of enrollment or before having a style change.
  • Hair, when shoulder length or longer, is to be tied back.
  • All hair accessories are to be plain in design and either maroon, white, or black.
  • Hair is to be neat and tidy.
  • If doubt exists with a style of hair, a student or parent should check with the Principal at time of enrollment or before.

Suitability of hairstyle is at the discretion of the Principal. Concerns regarding the acceptability of a particular haircut can be minimized if parents/caregivers seek advice from the school before proceeding.

Leadership badges, wrist watches, religious medals and ear sleepers/studs (worn as a pair, one in each ear lobe) are the only designated items of jewelry to be worn. These may need to be removed for safety at sporting events.

Only the following jewelry may be worn:

  • Wrist watch.
  • Plain small studs. One earring permitted per ear lobe. No other body piercing permitted.


  • Black sports joggers (no colour) or black school shoes.

Socks White
Please ensure your child wears plain white or maroon socks for girls and black socks for boys. Socks should cover the ankle.  Students no longer need to wear the ‘turn over style’ but this style is still considered acceptable part of the uniform.

Special Occasions  

On special occasions, students must wear appropriate clothing which is not revealing and doesn’t carry inappropriate images or messages. Sun safe practices must be followed.


• Make-up is not permitted to be worn at school.


  • Fingernails should be trimmed to fingertip length.
  • Coloured fingernail polish is not permitted.


  • The Principal retains the right to decide what is acceptable.

Parents’ co-operation is essential and sought in this matter. If for some reason a student is unable to wear the correct uniform, a note from the parents to the Class Teacher explaining the situation is required.

The outdoor environment is perfect for children to participate in a variety of activities such as running, climbing and hopping. It also promotes body strength, balance, co-ordination and supports growth in intellectual and social-emotional development. Therefore we recommend that you apply sunscreen prior to their arrival at school and insist that the children have a cap to wear  each day.