Daily Routine


All students are expected to arrive at school by 8:45 am (gates open at 8:00 am). The school day officially ends at 3.00 pm.

If your child arrives between 9:00 am – 9:15 am he/she will be marked late.

Where students arrive after 9:15 am parents are expected to send a note to explain the reasons for lateness.

Lunch: 12:00 – 1:00


No student should be at school prior to 8.00 am as supervision is not available until that time. All students are to leave the school grounds upon dismissal. Those who are waiting to go home by car/bus must wait in the designated area. Students who persist in not obeying the “going home immediately‟ rule may attract a disciplinary measure.


There is a formal School Assembly each Monday at 9:00 am. During  Assemblies we sing the National Anthem,  listen to reports from the Principal,  prayer will be celebrated and notices will be delivered by the principal. The students of the Grade will also be instrumental in conducting the Monday Assemblies as can be seen in the roster below for Term 3.   The major assemblies are seen to be important parts of our school culture where we celebrate the lives of the students, parents and staff. Parents are encouraged and invited to come along to join in! There is a general assembly at the beginning and ending of each school term and when it is deemed necessary by the principal.


Assembly Roster – Term 3,  2016

Assembly is a key component of our school life.  It is the opportunity for whole school teaching and interacting. It affords an avenue for the culture of the school to be defined and reinforced as well as to enable every class to participate by preparing and sharing their thoughts and creativity with the whole school family.

Remember:- Assemblies will be mainly on Monday except where this is impossible e.g. holiday or emergency when it will be conducted on the following day.






Welcome/Prayer for Blessing

Theme for Year:

-Maximizing My Potential-

Using my brain Wisely

11th April, 2016 Principal


I can be the Best That I can be 18th April, 2016 Principal


It all about making the right choice 25th April, 2016 Grade 6 – 3


Invent the Future! – Read 3rd May, 2016 Grade 6 -2


The despair of those who cannot read 9th May, 2016 Grade 6-1


Reading-Yes We Can 17th May, 2016 Grade 5-3


Let’s build a reading school 23rd May, 2016 Grade 5-2


 Using time wisely – Read 30th May, 2016 Grade 5-1


God helps those in need – if they ask 6th June, 2016 Grade 4-3


Be serious – Work hard 13th June, 2016 Grade 4-2
11 Choosing to do what is right 20th June,2016 Grade 4-1
12 How did we do? 27th June,2016 Principal
End of School 4th July,2016