Physical Education

Sport & Physical Education

Amazona girlsOur students from Kindergarten through to Grade 6 are involved in a thirty minute routine of fitness once a week. Our once a week fitness program is part of our curriculum and as a consequence the activity is timetabled. The Physical Education teacher has updated resources to ensure our students are provided with a range of vigorous

The sport programs of physical education, team sports such as cricket, football, softball, netball, basketball and individual sports that include swimming and athletics are an essential part of our curriculum. All children, unless prevented by medical reasons, are expected to take an active part in sporting activities. Children who are unable to participate in sporting activities on a particular day are expected to have a note from their parents.

The whole school is divided into four houses for competition purposes. They are Hawksgirl on the tracks 2 (Blue), Falcons (Red), Amazona (Green) and Eagles (Yellow).

At the commencement of each year, students are allocated to one of our four sporting houses.  If the student has a sibling at the school, he/she may or may not be in the same ‘house’ as their brother or sister.

During the year, the students represent their sporting house at our school’s cross country or Marathon,football, cricket or athletics meet. The sporting activities are being held in Term 2. All children from Kindergarten to Grade 6 are expected to participate and earn valuable points for their house team. In addition to inter-house meets, our students compete at various inter-school meets. Parents, relatives and friends are also encouraged to participate either as volunteers or as active supporters.