Ther Curriculum

At Plain View Combined School we implement the National Curriculum as legislated by the government of Saint Lucia.

The curriculum defines what it is that all students have the opportunity to learn as a result of their schooling. Our students are being prepared to meet the demands of a changing world through a multi-faceted curriculum.  We strive for the best learning for all students by understanding each child’s learning style as we cater for their growth and development.  The school has in its vision and mission statements not only the development of knowledge, but also the spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional skills and values necessary for participation and leadership in a rapidly changing world.

 The following Key Learning Areas comprise our curriculum:

  • Language Arts

                    – Listening

                    – Speaking

                    – Reading

                   – Writing

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Health and Family Life
  • Music
  • Christian Education
  • Physical Education
  • French

The whole school enjoys specialist lessons in Music, French and Physical Education.