Christian Education/Devotion Policy


Christian Education/Devotion Policy


Spiritual Awareness and Growth is an essential aspect in the holistic development of every individual.  At our school the Devotion Session is the specific (though not only )time set out for students to learn about God and to promote Spiritual Growth.  this learning develops a love for God, self and others; promotes a healthy self esteem. good moral and spiritual values and encourages true behavioural change – all of which are necessary to succeed in life in our interdependent world.  Consistent with this belief, teachers will have  devotions with their students according to the following guidelines.


  1. Devotions will be held daily from 9:00 a.m to 9:20 a.m ( minus assembly days)
  2. Teachers will follow given schedules (from the principal or other authorized persons/team for weekly, termly topics/themes.
  3. Teachers will teach a Bible verse every week based on topic.  (the New Testament or Bible should be used during sessions to help children learn how to use them).
  4. Teachers will use Bible stories to develop/teach topics.  Other stories of good role models and those who exhibit good moral and spiritual values may be used as well.  Character building strategies should also be employed.
  5. A devotion book must be established into which students will write their Bible verses, songs and other inspirational pieces.
  6. Teachers will help students memorize verses and songs, beginning with the school song.
  7. Teachers will review devotion books on a weekly basis.
  8. Teachers will include in their devotion, topics based on issues that arise in class as well as pertinent current events which provides teachable information.
  9. As students move up to higher grades they should continue to use their devotion books if there is till space in it.

Review 2016