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Reading Month – May 2016


Launching of Reading Month (May, 2016)

Every teacher knows that reading is at the forefront of all we do the entire school year, but designating the month of May as Reading Month provides teachers, students and their families with opportunities to explore reading in a whole new way which is aimed at motivating students to read while having a bit of fun in the process.

This year’s Reading Month was launched on May 3rd, 2016 by the students of Grade 6-1, under the theme “Invent the Future! – Read.” Students highlighted the importance of reading in song and dance as they reminded their schoolmates how much fun it is to read.

To mark this occasion students were dressed in their reading T-Shirts which were all colour coded according to the character trait which their grade represents.

Grade k -1

Kindergarten and Grade 1 – Caring


Grade 22

Grade 2


Grade 3 respect update

Grade 3 – Respect


Grade 4

Grade 4


Grade 5

Grade 5 –


Grade 6

Grade 6 – Citizenship

The students of Grade 6 indicated that early language experience stimulates a child’s brain to grow and that reading gives them a huge advantage when they start school. In conclusion, they encouraged all teachers, parents, guardians and well wishers who were in attendance to enjoy books and magazines and to share that pleasure with the young children in their lives.

Students of Grade 6-1