Attendance and Absences

Attendance and Absences

It is inevitable that your child may occasionally be absent from school. Authorization will only be given for illness and medical appointments.  A visit to the doctor or dentist will usually be authorized for one session (half day).  The Ministry of Education discourages holidays taken during school term and holidays. This will be recorded as an unauthorized absence.

Legislation requires the school to request a reason for all absences.  Please inform the office either by:

  • letter
  • phone
  • e-mail or
  • the class teacher

We are sure you will agree, that regular and punctual attendance is very important for the children to gain maximum benefit from their education.  The school therefore has to monitor not only students’ attendance, but also the punctuality of children.  Children who arrive after 9:00 am are recorded in red as being late on class registers.  Every time your child is absent from school he or she may fall behind.

 Parents ensure that your children attend school regularly. The register is marked daily in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education.

As a general rule, once students have entered the school grounds they will not be permitted to leave unless a written permission is signed and dated by the parent.

  • Dental and medical appointments should be made preferably after school hours. If this is not possible a note of explanation is required.
  • The school takes no responsibility for students who enter the grounds prior to 8.00 a.m or who remain behind after 4:30 p.m.
  • Parents wishing to take children away for an extended period of time must inform the Principal of their intention.
  • Sporting activities are part of the school curriculum; therefore a written explanation from parents is required to absent a child from these lessons.
  • It is vital that the Principal is informed of any changes or details that would need to be noted on our records e.g telephone number, address, medical history etc.