Grade 3-2 Creative Writing Booklet 2016

One of the many activities for reading month is the compilation of a booklet with stories, poems, songs and other forms of literature from every class.This is a sample of the booklet written and compiled by the students of Grade 3-2 for your enjoyment. Do not forget to leave a comment before you leave.

Here is a sample from the booklet:



My book, my book, I love it! It’s cool.
I’d like to buy one for Lawnell at school.
I bring mine with me wherever I go, from Madrid to Portugal to Saint Lucia.
My friends Lawnell and Micah
Say a pencil is more useful,
But I feel that I must remain faithful.
I will hold my book close to my heart
And hope that we never, ever must part!

Written by Malik Johnny

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Creative Writing Booklet for Grade 3-2

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